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You are here: Home Blog Mobile Phone Rumours New iPhone 5 photos reveal larger screen and a classic metal back

New iPhone 5 photos reveal larger screen and a classic metal back

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Possible new iPhone 5 panels reveal larger screen and a metal back

All this hype around the Samsung Galaxy S III has cleared a little now, and now we have some fresh iPhone 5 rumours to talk about today! We all know that Apple need to respond big to the two new power smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the HTC One X, but no one really knows what to expect from Apple. Well today we have a small insight!

The last rumour that was floating around about the Apple iPhone 5 was the 4-inch display, and it looks like we have some more evidence today that this might just be true. Acquired by 9to5mac from a Chinese iPhone parts supplier, we can see photos of what looks to be iPhone 5 casings, both front and back.

The most noticeable deference is the width of the phone hasn't been altered, but it is taller. This seems a bit strange, and as a result, according to various sources the predicted resolution for the iPhone 5 could be 1136 x 640 pixels, making the screen 3.99 inches in diagonal - very strange.

Moving on to the body of the case, the back is now almost fully metal! Exciting news! Could we be seeing the old iPhone design coming back? I must say that I am personal a big fan of the aluminium back panel on the original iPhone.

Strangely, the dock port at the bottom looks to be smaller. This is something very different. It looks like Apple could be creating a new dock connector? Possibly a microUSB port?!

We should get too carried away here, these are just prototype images, but we're hoping to get a lot more images through before the expected October release from Apple this year.

In the meantime, The Apple iPhone 4S isn't bad smartphone to keep you going until then!